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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> breaking news we're following this morning. the latest as a water make threatens to make a mess out of the morning rush hour. plus, big changes talk effect today for a lunchtime staple across the district. this will have everyone talking today as they head out to grab that sandwich. good morning, i'm jummy olabanji. >> good morning, autria godfrey has the day off, but let's go right to a40 with the -- jacqui jeras with the weather. >> we have some cloud cover, and that helps keep our temperatures up a little bit. 42 degrees at reagan national airport.
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everybody above the freezing mark at least for now. hagerstown 34. it will be a mostly cloudy day. peeks of surgeon from time to time. nothing compared to the big blast wet late last week. warmer temperatures are on the way. we're actually going to get above the seasonal averages. i will tell you how warmer with' going to get from the belfort furniture weather center. >> now we will go to breaking news out of daimlerchrysler this morning. news that could mess up your morning commute. crews are out in northeast repairing a water main break at bening road. no word on specific size of the break, but you can see a portion of bening road is under water. no word on when repairs might be complete. let's go to jim over at wtop. >> thank you. in addition to the water main break onees ide benning road, we
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have a problem at the river crossing. the left lane is all that gets by due a single car crash. moving to 95 in virginia, you will find everything running up to speed. no reported problems, accidents or any activity in the way. eastbound 66 looking good, as well. and, 270 southbound, no heavy volume delays on 20, you can see light volumes of traffic. back to you. >> you might notice some changes when you head out to flinch washington, d.c. that's because the new food truck lottery goes into effect today. after years of setting up wherever they want stock food trucks now have to set up in assigned spaces. they say this already put one truck out of basis.
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they say they were forced to set up in a place where they had no following. they say they have to pay parking meter fees. now, ntsb investigators have been working throughout the night trying to piece together a fatal train wreck in new york. >> it is tragic. they're now getting ready to look over those black boxes this morning. tahman bradley has the latest. >> this morning, a search for answers after a dadly train derailment. four people killed and over 60 hurt. >> it was like a movie seen. >> overnight, they uncovered the black boxes in good condition. they will look over the signal system, op -- operator. >> our mission is to understand not only what happened but why it happened. >> for passenger, it was a night mire. on monday, they leave po kip
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with a kip see terminal. then, passengerrers thrown from their seats. >> everyone was flying around. >> on a workday, fully occupied, it would have been a tremendous does asker. >> overnight, they identified the he victim. a 54-year-old father of four. a lighting expert heading to manhattan to work on the rockefeller christmas tree. >> i'll remember having dignity and determination and being, you know ax wonderful father, friend and neighbor. >> also killed, 54-year-old donna smith, active in the girl scouts and with her church. >> donna was a wonderful christian, was neighborly, friendly. >> passengers describe the train at speeding at the curb. it is not clear if it was traveling faster than normal. investigators were looking at that. abc news, the bronx, new york. >> 4:54.
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here we go again. the redskins face another lost. hopes were high. the giants and redskins went into half-time, all tied up at 14. still feeling good. the skins added a field goal in the 3rd. an officiating snafu allow them to run out the clock and the giants win. let's look next season. forget next game, let's look at next season. all that change at airport adds up and it could help our military. >> plus, it is the busiest day ever as people continue to enjoy the conveniences of online shopping. let's go to ellen braitman live in new york with more. >> that's right, cybermonday is here. a lot of online shopping has already taken place.
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in fact, in the first 29s of november, more than $50.5 billion was spent -- $20.5 billion was spent online. fed ex-is expecting the day to be itsist ever, more than 22 billion shipments around the world, driven by all this online shopping. by the end of the week, it sees 85 million parcels moved globally. yes, if you pass through the airport over the thanksgiving holiday weekend, you may have empties spare change from your pockets into one of those tsa bins. bloomberg "business week" says more than a half million dollars was collected and now some in congress want to use those funds for r facilities for service members at airports. >> ole give garden wants --
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olive garden wants to jump into the burger craze. i'll explain. >> what? i need olive gar don't deny to -- garden to stick with my salad and bread sticks. there plenty of burger joints. >> there's lots of comp nice now our baby panda has name. >> and it is about
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>> we are back at 4:39 with a quick check of your forecast. jacqui is rocking the arms so you know it is not that cold out there. >> this is one of the cooler of the bunch, a touch blow average, 51 degrees, by the way. a fair amount of cloud cover across the region. a warm front to the west and coastal low, both will keep us under the cloud cover. we will get breaks and see sunshine here and there. our temperature right now, 42 degrees. no wind chill factor as the winds are calm. winds are going to be relatively light and variable the next couple days. high temperature, upper 40s. 47 for the noon hour with partly sunny and 48 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we've got near 48 degrees before the end of the week.
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i will have more details on that in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. let's go to traffic right now. hey, jim. >> we have problems on benning road, should down between 17th street and bladensburg road. no access to beginning road from the southbound side of bladensburg northeast. we have a crack new york avenue with the crossing. now, luckily for folks heading into work, the crash is on the out of bounds side of new york avenue and not affecting the inbound lanes. let's go to our inbound 395 camera shot and you will see that the 14th street bridge is running very well right now. no reported problems there. autria, back too you. >> jim, thank you very much. it started with a fall and ended with fraud charges.
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we have more on the man accused of taking the banana people?
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>> we're back at 4:44. a check on this morning's top stories. right now, crews are working on
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a water main break in the district. this happened at bladensburg road and benning road, and this could have an impact on the rush hour this morning. >> the d.c. food truck lottery begins today. operators will have to park in a certain locations. >> and, operators are on the scene of the deadly train derailment in new york. the black boxes have been discovered. passengers described the train as speeding. >> coming up in the day ahead, a maryland man in a d.c. court accused of faking a fall at a d.c. metro station and suing the metro. he was arrested after the security video showed him dropping the peel on the ground. owens sued metro for $15,000,
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claiming he injured his leg and hip in the fall. that claim was, as you might imagine, thrown out. >> metro was happy to turn that video over. >> five people are recovering from carbon monoxide after two separate incidents. one man became sick on sunday, was hospitalized with minor injuries. and in laurel, four people were taken to the hospital with carbon monoxide, as well. they were working on a car with an vin running in a closed garage in a home. they are in serious condition, two other victims in that location are in fair condition. >> and the salvation army are hoping for a miracle after someone broke in and stole about $10,000. they managed to open padlocked collection kettles and opened a safe. >> why someone would though do it to a charity. it tears out your heart.
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>> police hope fingerprints and surveillance video will solve the case. if you have information, you're asked to call d.c. police. >> and, remembering a postal worker shot and killed in washington county. friends and family deared to say good bye to tyson barnett e. many say he was good man. >> he was very sweet. he's the type of guy that anyone could love. >> we always hear about people, you know, getting kills, losing their lives but we never thought it would happen in our family. >> police are still looking for barnette's killer. police are handing out fliers in the noon hoping for any kind of lead. police are investigating a suspicious death at kansas city's arrowhead stadium. a man was found in a car that belonged to another person.
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that led to an altercation, and the man was found on the ground not breathing. the man's cause of death is not clear. >> it was the story that had everyone excited this weekend. after 100 days of just being called, the cub, mei xiang's cub officially has a name. >> people voted from all over the country and he is officially named bao bao. we have the story. >> the festive grow sunday night during. >> zoo lights in washington. was over shadowed earlier in the day by a small, furry creature native to china. sunday afternoon, u.s. and chinese dignitaries announced bao bao as the fame of the zoo's female giant panda cub, daughter to mei xiang. last month, online voters picked from five nameing more than
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120,000 votes poured in with bao bao comes out on top. the maim in mandarin means percent or treasure. >> i like the name boo boo. kind of sounds cute and cuddly. >> they could not be giddier about the progress they've tracked on a panda cam since her rare, in captivity birth, back in august. >> pandas are may favorite animal. i would love to meet her. >> just cute. >> each the first lady chimed in on the significance of the naming of such a beloved and endangered species. a symbol of cooperation and diplomacy between two nations. >> we are thrilled to welcome this little one, what exemplifies the common bond
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between our two nations and the bright future of this magnificent see if species. >> zoo officials are very excited, they think there is so much buzz and excitement about this panda that her existence there at the national zoo will increase visitorship by some 20% in 2014. in the newsroom, abc7. >> she is getting so big so fast. >> 11-pounds, going to.come on disflay january. it is not mulan. sorry for those who voted on mulan. >> i would say, autria godfrey and i picked bao bao from the beginning. we liked that. i think it is better. she a little national treasure. >> a great name and can't wait. totally going to the zoo next month to see that, absolutely. it is not a bad day for the zoo today or this entire week for the most part. the later we getter, the greater the chances of rain. back to work and back to reality after a holiday week for many. cybermonday. the dew point at 33. winds are very calm so not really dealing with a wind chill
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factor. 36 in frederick. 39 in gaithersburg. 36 in winchester and culpepper at 39-degrees so a little bit above average in terms of temperature to start the day but we will end near the seasonal averages. upper 40s and lower 50s. air is nice and mild. you can see this bubble across the plain states. that is going to be headed our way so we have a nice warming trend. if you didn't get the holiday decorations over the weekend, this is a great tweak do that because it is comfortable and relatively calm. a warm front up to the north, these will be working to bring a fair amount of cloud cover throughout the day today. the big story across the country, a powerful storm moving across the rock reese, that will dive down to the southern rockies and head to our neighborhood by next weekend. in the meantime, a mix of sun
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and clouds and more cloud cover than sun throughout the day. high temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. tomorrow we will make it into the 50s. mid 50s by wednesday. thursday, hello 60 degrees. can i believe it? we will see a chance of showers overnight thursday and into friday. could linger just in the morning on saturday. i think right now the better part of saturday looks better and temperatures starting to plummet by the end of the weekend and could see a wintry mix. too soon to sway is going to happen on sunday but something we will be watching closely. jim is in for amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. >> we can see benning road is closed eastbound and web between 17th street northeast and bladensburg road that water main the problem there. we also have big problems in the great lakes area. the 100 block of gold med and
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drive shut down in gaithersburg. best get, use the seneca highway to make your way 270 southbound. now with more, here is autria and brad. >> for some kids in our area, it is about to be christmas. >> a story you do not want to miss. plus, the news people trying to get on federal health care have been waiting to hear. finally, good
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>> 4:55 now. the government says the worst of the glitches could be over with the government website. now 150,000 people can log the on at one time, but that doesn't mean it has a clean bill of health. users could still encounter trouble. a look at the facebook page reports many are still reporting troubles with the site. >> christmas is coming early today for some children. they're coming together to celebrate for children in need at the royal hotel in odenton. fire officials will be on hand to decorate the christmas tree at 5:00. at 6:00, santa rides in on a
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fire truck. >> it was a unique christmas tree that was lit up, where else, but a city that prides themselves for being different. what they're calling the city's tree emthe pole is 100 feet tall and the lights strung up along wires that reach the ground. very pretty, but it doesn't have any branches. i like the smell of the real tree into. >> it is a debate in the works for years. today we come one step closer to settling what to do with d.c.'s skyline. >> where the measure is headed today and what that means for the
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>> right now, a water main break along one of our busiest roads is threatening to make a mess to the morning commute. we're live on the scene. >> plus, a move that could impact your lunch plans. >> and, remember this man faking a fall and suing the metro? we have an update on that story. >> good monday morning to you. good morning, washington. i'm autria godfrey. >> and we go right to jacqui je


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